The rates for small cars to Libya are changed!
€ 490 (for payments in NL) and 910 Dinars (for payments in Libya)
The rates for trucks up to 6.35 m are € 2030
Question 1.
Do I have to personally visit your office in Holland to ship my goods?
Answer 1.
No! You do not have to make a personal visit in order to ship your goods. BSI Shipping firmly believes in saving the time, effort and money of our customers. The customer’s comfort comes first. For more details about shipping with us, please visit out website at: If you are interested shipping with us, then you can fill in the purchasing form and click on send. Alternatively, you can send us an E-mail or fax. As soon as the shipment documents have been received and the payment method is accepted, we start the shipping process – from the location of the shipment to the requested discharging port. Customers will also be informed about the whereabouts of their consignment.

Question 2.
Do I have to pay for an additional insurance to cover any damage to my goods?
Answer 2.
That depends upon the type of insurance you want.

Question 3.
How you decide upon shipping prices? Do you have fixed prices per product type?
Answer 3.
To answer this question, we have to know the type of goods to be shipped – containers, cars, trucks, heavy equipment and so forth. But overall, cars have one price, 20- foot containers have one price and 40-foot containers have one price. However, trucks and heavy equipment do not have one price – they are calculated per cubic meter (LxBxH).

Question 4.
My goods didn’t arrive on time. What can I do?
We apologize for this experience. You must contact us as soon as this happens, so we are able to track where your goods are, and find out about the reasons why they didn’t arrive on time.

Question 5.
I live in Libya and have bought two heavy machines from Denmark. Do my heavy equipment get shipped directly from Denmark to Libya or do they have to be transshipped via another country?
Answer 5.
There is no direct shipping line from Denmark to Libya. Your heavy equipment will most likely be shipped via Belgium or Italy.

Question 6.
My 12 cars have arrived on time, but one of them arrived severely damaged. What can I do and who will compensate me?
Answer 6.
We apologize for this experience. When this happens, you must do two things. Firstly, you must report the damage to the shipping agent of the shipping line. Secondly, you must inform us about this situation. Who will compensate you depends on the type of insurance you’ve got.