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Our company is divided into three branches specialized in several fields:

- BSI Shipping
- BSI Cars
- BSI Trader

Please click on the buttons below to get information about the missions of each branch. Feel free to contact
us if you need further information.

  • Professional Shipping Service

    BSI aims to make you easier
    to ship your car or good in
    the best way.

    We can promise you a good
    value experience in this field
    of business.

    We use to work with the
    best companies regarding the
    organisation and management
    of shipping.

  • Registration services

    We also deal with export
    paper service :

    Indeed, we are empowered
    to handle your car paper for :

    - Declaration Of Export
    (to cancel your registration)
    - Export Registration
    (to drive the vehicle until
    the shipment)

  • Specific needs?

    We can find you out a specific
    means of transportation for
    your special needs.

    We keep an efficient network
    of carriers who are used to
    transport specific goods.