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BSI Fruits

Question 1.
Do you supply fresh fruits or stored fruits?
Answer 1.
BSI Fruits mainly supplies fresh fruits – which is why our fruit producers are distributed across five continents. However, arrangements can be made upon customer request of stored fruits.

Question 2.
Are the fruits and the vegetables you supply free of pesticide and chemicals?
Answer 2.
BSI Fruits adheres to consumer protection laws and regulations and meets the international standards of fruits and vegetables. In relation to pesticide and other chemicals, the fruit producer issues us a certificate of the content thereof before any purchase is made.

Question 3.
I ordered 20 containers of banana, however when the containers arrived, I found that one of the containers consisted of black and rotten bananas. What do I do?
Answer 3.
We apologise that you had to experience that. It appears that the cooling system of that specific container had a defect. You must do two things. Firstly, you must report the damage to the shipping agent of the shipping line. Secondly, you must inform us as soon as possible about this situation so that we are able to follow up the problem with the shipping line. They should be able to compensate you for this container.

Question 4.
I only want to buy two 20-foot containers of pear. Is that possible?
Answer 4.
Yes that is possible. The minimum order of BSI Fruits is 15 tons.

Question 5.
I ordered 34 containers of apples, but I only received 31 containers. What can I do?
Answer 5.
We apologise that you had to experience that. You must report this problem as soon as possible to the shipping agent of the shipping line. However, please inform us about this too so that we are able to track down the other three containers and keep you informed about the process.